February 26, 2007

Want a Free SwiMP3?

Today marks the first day of fundraising for me for the Race for a Reason/Challenged Athletes Foundation.

This organization is a non-profit that helps challenged athletes compete. It helps with equipment such as special chairs and prosthetics, and it helps with therapists and trainers who help them get to the starting line.

If you have ever gotten a little motivation from watching Sarah Reinertsen cross the finish line at Kona, or from seeing Major David Rozelle finish in 2006 at IM CDA and Kona, then you owe the Challenged Athletes Foundation your support.

What does this have to do with a free Swim mp3? Well, some of you may know that I bought a new Finis Swim mp3 a few weeks ago.

I've used it twice, and I decided that it is too bulky on the back of my head for my taste. Now, don't get me wrong, there are tons of people who love this product, and nearly every review I've read raves about it. I think that it isn't good for me because I still am way too conscious of my head position so that I constantly "feel" it.

Anyway, it works great. Sound quality is excellent. It holds about a 4 hour battery charge (although I've only actually used it twice for about 45 minutes each time), and holds about 30 songs.

Free. Free (including domestic shipping) to the first person that emails me and tells me they want the player and will donate $50 towards my CAF goal. You don't have to donate the money until you are confirmed by me as the first, unless you want to donate anyway. And it's a helluva good reason (and a tax deductible one) to donate anyway...

So that's the deal. Want a free Finis Swim mp3? Zap me a message (my email is at the top of my sidebar).

Thanks for joining me on My Daily Spin.


Bike Chick said...

The CAF is a great cause and the athletes are very inspiring to watch. Kind of gives you a kick in the pants when you start feeling sorry for yourself about the usual aches and pains.

momo said...

heya, trijack. this is really great of you to take on! i ran the ny marathon a few years back and rasied money for fred's team. it made the race such a wonderful experience for me. i made a little donation, but you can send the swimmy thing to the next donator. that might just drive me crazy, i have to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall when i swim. :-)

greyhound said...

I'm in. Hopefully I'll get a new toy, too.