February 9, 2007

TriJack Gets Pimped

While the Kahuna is getting stripped, TriJack is getting pimped in a techno kind of way.

You see, I tend to do things kinda old-fashioned. I like tuxedos and old Cadillacs, I open your car door even if we're not on a date, and I'd rather have a person look real and flawed than plastic and perfect.

And that's how I've been doing my training - bare bones old school grinding it out based on how I feel on any given day. But things are changing.

My motivation and goals in triathlon have transitioned from stepping up to a friendly challenge from my friend Mark to do a sprint tri with him last summer to racing, not just finishing, 2 ironmans this year. Big step up, without a lot of the baby steps along the way.

In taking that step, I'm starting to realize that I need the resources to support me. For that first sprint tri last summer, I bought a tri-bike off ebay (which turned out to be about 5 cm in frame size too small - I'm so naive!), a timex watch and a pair of swim goggles. That's all I needed. Problem is, the only thing I've added to my equipment since then is a pair of fins.

My friends, TriJack is about to get pimped... My new bike, the Cervelo p2sl, has arrived. And I've ordered a Computrainer which hopefully will be arriving within the next few days. I think I'm more excited about this than I am about the bike.

The concept of riding countless different course simulations stimulates the little-kid video game geek in me, and I think this will work well for my training. I've noticed that it is hard for me to commit more than an hour on the bike at a time due to kid responsibilities, but I think the Computrainer will help me fix that issue. I hope...

And, of course, with the Computrainer I can "train with power..." Because it seems everyone is preaching that if you aren't training with power, you aren't really getting the most from your training. Well, I'm stepping up to the big leagues my friends.

The second techno pimp item I've ordered is the Garmin Forerunner 301 heart rate monitor. Now I'll know whether I'm supposed to run faster or slower or just quit for the day (heheh)...

It will be interesting to compare my old fashioned how-I-feel training to power and heart-rate training. I'm certain that the new toys will add a bit more fun to the sessions, at least for a few weeks until the novelty fades.

The final pimp-my-TriJack item is the Finis SwimMP3. Most all of the reviews I've read for this are good to outstanding, and I'll try anything to keep me in the water longer!

Well, old-fashioned TriJack is being replaced by techno-training TriJack. But know what? I'm still going to open the door for you, and I still like you more real than plastic.... Some things never will change.

Thanks for joining me for My Daily Spin.


Michele said...

I am SO jealous. I would love to have the computrainer. Can't wait to read about how awesome it is.

Enoy all the new toys. Sounds like you will be having lot of fun.

Bike Chick said...

Wow, that's a whole lotta new toys! Hope you enjoy them. I know they'll take you to the next level. Just don't forget to go old school once in a while.

ironjenny said...

Awesome! You will like the Computrainer. The software included has the actual Zurich IM bike course pre-loaded.. and you will always have a biking buddy to keep you company.
When you start to fall back too many bike lengths, he slows down and cuts in front of you so you can draft for a while. (The tension actually lets up while you are behind him)... When you catch your breath and are able to pedal harder again, he pulls over and rides beside you.
It's cool and one hour on the C-T counts as 1.5 on the road.
Don't forget to post pics of your new bike!!!

TriGirl 40 said...

Enjoy the new toys. I am jealous of the cool, fancy bike and look forward to your opinion of the swim MP3 (I've heard mixed reviews) - but can tell you from firsthand experience - you will love the Garmin.

LoneStarCrank said...

Shaaaawing. Talk about going all in. Now ride that bike like you stole it. Looking forward to you taking us along for the ride.

Lana said...

Now those are some cool toys! I've got a Garmin 305 and love it. And I would LOVE to have a computrainer. Looking forward to hearing how you like all of them!!

TJ said...

It'll be interesting to see how these new toys influence your training. I discovered I'd been training way...way...too hard when I first got a heart rate monitor.

TriJack said...

tj, i have a sneaking suspicion that's not my problem... ;)

Megan said...

You are hysterical- i just found your site and completely identify with the old school approach (although I like to refer to myself as "scrappy"), and I almost bought that exact bike (opted at the last minute for a Felt)! And I recently started this whole "heart rate monitor" thing that seems to be all the rage. Anyway, glad to find your writings, and will keep reading!