May 13, 2008


It's happening...

I can feel it...




On training success

And pain free running...

Each time I run I feel incredible, and I don't want to stop don't want it to end. But I make it stop, nothing more than 30 minutes at a time still - but next week I get to stretch 30 to 45 one day a week - because I'm demanding of myself patience, patience, patience in building the way a build is supposed be built - slow like the overnight shift with more doctors than patients...

Chicago, from the 80s - yea, it makes me feel old... "You don't know what you've got, until its gone, and i found out just a little too late..." I appreciate painfree running more than ever right now - almost the best sensation I can imagine... (almost...)

Speaking of old, my patients never know how old I am. I inevitably am told still that I look young for a doc, and I typically ignore the comments or brush them aside with a "I don't feel very young for a doc though" retort. Couple nights ago I'm sewing up the forehead of the latest Club Platinum beer bottle to the head victim when she says "You look young, how old are you?" "Oh, I'm plenty old" I said back. "How old are you, like 38?" I chuckled and said "Something like that" to which she responded "No, I bet you're 42..." "No no, why don't you stick with your first guess, I like that a lot better..."

Maybe I don't look as young as I feel like I look anymore...

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May 8, 2008


Declaration #1: I will eat No Cake until after my next iron distance triathlon.

Now I have even more reason to get off my lazy butt and get 'er done.

Couple of race options in September. Great Illini????

May 6, 2008

Talkin Bump n Grind

So I'm racing the Bump 'n Grind XIV in a few weeks, and I'm getting a little worried. Why I am worried?

I've never mt bike raced before. Well, I actually have never bike raced period, mt bike or road or bmx or anything. Sure, I've ridden a fair amount over the years and obviously completed the bike portion of duathon and triathlon races, but I've never raced a bike race.

If you follow the link to the race site and look at race results from previous years, you'll notice that my division, which is Sport 30-34 male, the winning time last year was 1:12:45. Now I've ridden this 17 mile course many times over the last couple months, and I only once finished less than 1:30. That would put me better than last place, but not much better. I don't like finishing close to last.

Yesterday I decided to do 2 loops on the course, which I've never done. It didn't work out too well. I was thinking about my legs burning and lost my focus. Losing your focus on a trail in my experience predicts a nasty crash about 90% of the time, and yesterday was no different. I went down hard on a rocky section, and my day was done 3 or 4 miles into the 2nd loop.

I've started running more again after minimal to no running since mid January. So far nothing is hurting much, although I feel incredibly tight. 30 minutes Sunday went well, so I'll try another 30 today.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be able to resume more regular tri training soon... God knows I need it, physically and definitely mentally...

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