May 8, 2008


Declaration #1: I will eat No Cake until after my next iron distance triathlon.

Now I have even more reason to get off my lazy butt and get 'er done.

Couple of race options in September. Great Illini????


Bullet said...

Define "no cake". I mean if you want us to hold your ass accountable and all, we need to clarify a few things? Does this extend to all fattening desserts or just those of the flour and icing origin?

stronger said...

But you'd miss the little man's bday cake.

Kahler said...

Hey DV,

How have you been? Will I see you in Kansas or at the Steelhead this summer?

Go blue!

IronJenny said...

Welcome back! Hope you are feeling better - although you start getting back in the swing and crash your mt bike! ouch!
You are so tough...
good luck - ;-)