November 30, 2006

What I need

I do not care how you look with make-up.
I need to see the sweat
beading and dripping
salty and rainlike
off your arms
with every

I do not care what clothes you wear.
I need to see the scars,
the marks, the divots
and tags that make
you a warrior
and show that
yes, you

I do not care how much money you make.
I need to know what you will
do when you have nothing
and noone and you
are lonely and
cold and

I do not care when you finish.
I need to know that you
bled, and screamed
and fought
the demons that
battled to
make you

I do not care what kind of medals you won.
I need to know that you were there, and
you gave every ounce of your being
to the cause. And that,
that is what I need.
What I need
To know
I need


TriSaraTops said...

OMG. That is AMAZING. I LOVE it! Can I pass that on?

TriJack said...

thanks, and of course you can...

Kylie said...

Yes, I love it as well. It's pretty great. I'm going to share it as well, since it sounds like you don't mind. Did you write that, or get it somewhere?

TriJack said...

thanks for the interest. heh, its all mine.

13akbal said...

wow, very cool!

Riverbrady said...

Love the poetry and the styling. If you don't mind I'd like to pass it along as well :)

Bike Chick said...

That is awesome. I love it.

ironjenny said...

Very, very cool poem. Blogland has some really talented writers....

Triteacher said...

I'm adding my voice - great poem. Backstory?

TriJack said...

yea, not much of a backstory... just a recent realization of what's important to me...

Donald said...

This is awesome. I just read your profile - you must be one busy dude. Good luck with the training.

stronger said...

Nice take on the Invitation :)

21stCenturyMom said...

I'm a little late to the party but that was awesome! If only more men came in your model.