November 27, 2006

Reason # 6 The Kids

I am listing the 10 reasons that I desire to and will finish my first 26.2 during the final 10 days prior to the race. This is the 6th in the series.

The Kids

I don't think I'm the kind of dad that pushes his kid too hard. Each kid is unique, and that uniqueness is influenced by so many variables I couldn't begin to name them all.

My 6 year old girl loves motorcycles and 4 wheelers and catching bugs and writing stories. Her 5 year old sister could care less about any of that; she wants to put on make-up and a fairy outfit then clean my bathroom (good kid, eh?)

I recognize that each one of my kids will develop their interests, and talents. And they will learn to enjoy some things, and hate others.

I think my role is to expose them to as many opportunities as I am able. Let them see the world... Let them see the people... Let them see what and why and how different people interact with the world. If I can offer them nothing else, I want to offer them the world... The world is their playground.

So I don't think I ever will make my kids run, or compete. But I want them to see that I love competition. I want them to know that they can run, and bike, and swim, and compete. I want them to know that if they put forth the effort, they can do nearly anything they want.

It is so important to me that my kids see me cross the finish line in 5 days. Because they may not realize it for years to come, but if their old man daddy can run a marathon, they can too.

And that's all I want; for them to realize that almost anything is possible...

That, my friends, is reason #6 - the kids...