November 14, 2006

Self reflection

I like reflection. I like looking at where I have been, and where I want to go. So I decided to do the self-discovery exercise below, and to share it. Here’s a look at where I have been… You'll notice this is only 50 things about me; I promise to deliver 50 more soon!

1. I'm a Cancer. I don't know exactly what that means, but maybe you do. I think I've been called a cancer before, in a not too nice way, but I guess that's a different post entirely...
2. The first time I was drunk I was 9 years old. My dad and I sat outside and drank tequila shots with Miller beer chasers.
3. I hold a grudge against only 1 person. He probably doesn’t remember me; but, if I ever see him he’ll never forget me.
4. I’ve never been in a fight. Ever. Once, while playing basketball, a “friend” decided he wanted to “play fighting.” He hit me in the eye; I stared at him. He hit me in the other eye; I still stared. The next day I had two black eyes.
5. I despise, to the core of my being, interpersonal confrontation.
6. I once delivered a baby in the parking lot of a home improvement store – by c-section.
7. I got my first motorcycle when I was 10 and have been in love with them ever since.
8. I snow ski on black diamond trails.
9. I gave a speech to members of Congress in the United States Capitol.
10. I lobbied in Washington, DC on behalf of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
11. When I was 16 I dropped out of high school. Since then, I have earned a Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Medicine degree. I never did get a high school diploma or GED.
12. I started medical school when I was 19 years old.
13. I have a sister 4 years older than me who is one of my best friends. I have an adopted former step-sister who I haven’t seen or heard from in more than 10 years. I miss her.
14. I’d rather be with 1 or 2 people than a larger group almost always.
15. I hate to clean, and to organize, but I like things to be both.
16. Cats are ok, as long as they aren’t mine and aren’t in my house.
17. I was a vegetarian for 7 years. I was in Seattle in 2002, and everyone in my group was having sushi. It looked so damn good and I couldn’t resist… I’ve eaten meat ever since.
18. I believe that the words you choose say a lot about the person you are.
19. I’ve flown on more than 50 helicopter med-evac missions. I’ve landed in corn fields and on freeways; and, I’ve flown over Lake Michigan during an unexpected snowstorm with zero visibility.
20. In high school, I was a state champion fossil identifier and insect identifier. No kidding, we really did those kinds of things in Alabama!
21. My favorite song is Nothing Else Matters from Metallica. It became my anthem in high school, and it still is.
22. I have a passion for watching anyone, any event, where the players have perfected their craft.
23. I love going to the ballet, the symphony, and the theatre.
24. A pet peeve is when someone won’t take a position and defend it, even if I disagree with the position.
25. My car once had 4 spare tires on it at one time. Yes, they laughed.
26. I’ve been to every state in the US except Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, and Alaska.
27. My first kiss was on the cheek from a Guatemalan girl in the 1st grade.
28. I’ve crashed a racecar at 140 mpH.
29. When I was in medical school I lived for 3 months in an apartment with no running water, no gas, and no electricity. For some reason I didn’t have many visitors.
30. I’ve been a track physician at Talladega Superspeedway for nascar races for the last 3 years.
31. The only thing I don’t like about my body is my crooked nose because I can only breathe through one nostril. I resolved this year to fix it; I think I’ll resolve again for next year.
32. I have no heroes.
33. I keep things, even trivial things, way longer than I should.
34. I don’t return things I buy, even if I realize immediately that I don’t need it. I also hate to sell things.
35. I’ve written more than 100 poems/stories about suicide, but I have never once seriously considered it a personal option.
36. I quit playing baseball in 1st grade when I got a black eye.
37. On my football team in junior high school, I was one of the smallest players but could bench press more than anyone else.
38. I believe that everyone needs to have something about which they are passionate. A life without passion is no way to live.
39. My favorite writer right now is Donald Miller, because he helped me develop an understanding of and acceptance of my spiritualtity.
40. I dislike organized religion for myself; but, I believe in an omnipotent and omniscient God.
41. I’ve been in police custody once. When I was 16 my friends and I were passed out intoxicated on a public tennis court surrounded by smashed bottles. The amazingly understanding officer took us home instead of jail.
42. I’ve broken 6 bones: 2 in my leg, my thumb, my nose, and 2 different toes.
43. I’m more insecure than I like people to know.
44. I have season tickets to Auburn University football games for the last several years – War Eagle!
45. Scooby Doo is my favorite cartoon.
46. My favorite color is black; yes, it is a color…
47. My eyes are blue, with a thin orange stripe around my pupil.
48. I’m driven to activities that force immediate and uncompromised focus.
49. I like a woman who knows she is beautiful, but is still flattered when you tell her so.
50. I have an avulsion to uninvited shoulder massages. I have to be in the right place, mentally, and maybe physically, to be massaged…

So that is, in part, where I have been. I think I'll have more places to tell you about sometime soon; but, for now, for today, I'm done reflecting...


Hilary Senter said...

I will just have you know that I wanted NOTHING more than to go to sleep this morning when I got home. I was told to read your post about Andretta and I guess it snowballed to 8:10 (I'm usually passed out by 7:25) I feel like a know you...a little bit now. Contemplated writing, motivating training log, beautiful kids. Fine for now. So with the intention of all appropriateness (?), glad I came across it at this point.

Anonymous said...

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