August 10, 2007


sometimes they ask what
if but my answer
might not be
that but

sometimes I play games
dangerous games
pushing edges
of insanity
just to

sometimes I succeed
triumphant atop
pinnacles. bold.
looking back
at how far
I've come.

but sometime I won't.
the edge will prove
strong - fatally
strong. Yet
still I will


Bike Chick said...

Very nice :) I like the way you displayed it visually as well.

Funny thing is that in reading your blog, I don't remember you ever not succeeding or that it was a possiblity. I think it's because of the way you look at things. Steps, not edges. And you are always moving. Could be cuz you're chasing after the kids though... :)

IronJenny said...

I love your poetry! So glad to see it's back...

Some philosopher (I am ashamed I don't remember which it was), said "Know Thyself".
I think it's awesome that you always include some self discovery on all your journeys.

TJ said...

Great words.
Sorry for the loss of your friend.