August 31, 2007

24 Hours of Triathlon

My initial plan was to go to the 24 hours of triathlon to serve as support crew.

Then, my arm was twisted into competing in the 8 hour of triathlon version.

I realized that IM MOO was the following weekend, so I changed to an 8 hour relay team to split the effort 3 ways.

But I discovered I would have to be in court the day after IM, so I had to cancel. I needed something more epic than an 8 hour relay, so I changed to the full 24 hour race as a solo.

And then I broke my foot, and I can't run until October.

So now I'm doing a sort of aquathon. For the 24 HOT and its 8 HOT sibling, you have to complete the 1st swim bike run in that order, and then you can do any discipline in any order for the duration of the 8 hours.

I'll do the swim, then bike, then walk the 1st run leg. After that, I'll swim and ride my bike for the duration of the 8 hours.

Should I swim for 3 hours and then bike for the remaining 3 1/2? Or should I swim bike swim bike swim bike in even proportions? Or should I do a couple of swims then a couple of bikes and alternate in that manner?

Each swim is 0.5 miles, and each bike is just under 10 miles.

Or maybe I should just swim the entire time...

Decisions Decisions...


hak said...

Whatever you decide, have fun!

I was going to be the swimmer on a relay team this year, but our cyclist decided to do something silly like impregnate his wife, who in turn, has the nerve to have the baby in September.

All bets are off.

Maybe next year.

Bike Chick said...

How hot is it going to be? If it was really hot, I would do the swim bike swim bike. To cool off.

Have fun! Take care of your foot.

stronger said...

Better take it easy on that arm too...with all the twisting, you know...maybe you could swim one-arm-ed and run one-leg-ed.

Benson said...

Good to see you're back at it. I'd do at least 2 rotations of swim bike.
Have fun.