August 23, 2007

the latest tag

TJ tagged me last week, so here goes:

Jobs I've Held: newspaper boy, hammock maker, shipping clerk, customer service manager, pizza deliverer, Kmart garden shop worker (for 1 day), telemarketer, door-to-door cleaning supply sales (for 1 day), collector, medical records clerk, iq test administerer, newspaper columnist, congressional campaign staffer, DC lobbyist, breast cancer genetics researcher, flight physician, emergency physician

Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:

Stripes, Uncle Buck, Home Alone, Caddyshack

Places I Have Lived:

Alabama, Washington DC, Michigan

Shows I Enjoy:

Dog the Bounty Hunter (ok, the secret is out...)

Vacation Spots:

47/50 US states, Caribbean, Switzerland... current favorite remains SanDestin...

Favorite Foods:
scallops, raw oysters with tobasco on saltine crackers, buffalo steak, beef strouganoff...

Websites I Visit Daily:,,,, and of course - google!

Body Parts I Have Injured:

Right knee, Broken left leg, 2 broken toes, 1 broken foot, broken nose, broken thumb...

Nicknames I've Been Called:



Bike Chick said...

hammock maker? newspaper columnist? You sur have had an ecclectic job history!

IronJenny said...

Well, you've consistently moved up the food chain...