August 7, 2007

David Andretta, 1976-2007

[David's birthday is soon - April 6! Please consider a birthday gift to the David F. Andretta Explorer Fund. This scholarship will be awarded annually to a Georgetown University undergraduate student seeking to explore the world through an academic research project. See for more details.]

The first time I met David I was interviewing him for a resident physician position at our hospital. He told me that when he finished his med school classes the next month he was going to Australia to play for a few months.

Honestly, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I thought it was a bit out of line for him to be asking for a job while boasting about his upcoming several-month vacation. And I think I was a little jealous too... But overall, we liked and were impressed by David, so he got the job.

David has worked with us for just over 2 years in the ER. And I must say he's more than a little different than anyone I've ever known.

David easily is one of the smartest people I've ever met. So smart in fact that his speech rarely can keep up with his mind. He will ask me a question and, in the process of asking, answer his own question in 3 different ways while unknowingly actually cite the sources that he at some point read to formulate the answers.

Sometimes David had trouble communicating with patients. Its hard to take the superior mind and bring it down to the conversation level of most of my patients. His speech was quick and free of southern drawl; a rarity among the lazy words most commonly spoken in Alabama.

David had a zest for life that few can match. He had travelled the world so extensively that he could mesmerize you with stories about his travels. He married his longtime girlfriend Melissa, who works for IcelandAir, last September. He climbed regularly - mountains, boulders, walls. He was passionate about climbing, and more than once he had promised to get me on a wall and show me the ropes.

David and Melissa were travelling in Africa this week when he decided to climb Table Mountain in South Africa. Melissa waited at the top while David ascended.

But he never made it.

Yesterday morning rescuers retrieved his body from a ridge after he apparently had fallen to his death.

I'll miss you David... Happy travels, my friend.

Read more about David here, or about the fall and rescue attempt here.

From Melissa, 8-12-07: We keep telling "Dave" stories and thinking about David's zest for life and unique way of living. I would like for others to do the same and was hoping you might be able to post a few photos of our trip on your site. The first was taken as we drove along the Blyde River Canyon the day after we arrived in South Africa. The one with the rainbow was taken on the evening of August 3 as we were hiking down from Lion's Head mountain where the sun was setting.

Up until his death, David was truly happy and I want others to know that and remember him not only for the way he died, but lived. We had been in South Africa for over a week and had been on a safari that can only be described as magical. From spotting all Big 5 to loving every minute of a four day hiking safari where we had extremely close encounters with a rhino, elephants and even two lions, we felt truly blessed and just had the biggest smiles on our faces. We had been in Cape Town for a few days and the day before his death, David was able to fufill a long time dream of cage diving with the Great White sharks off the coast of Gansbaai. He was truly living and loving life.


Bike Chick said...

How heartbreaking. My thoughts go out to Melissa and his family.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend and coworker.

Shelley said...

Heartbreaking..i'm so sorry for your loss.

Donald said...

How sad. The best ones are always taken from us too young.

Matt said...

tragic. just tragic.

Brian said...

As someone who knew David for over 15 years, your description of him was exceedingly accurate --and touching.

Thank you for that.

Anish said...

I was fortunate enough to live next door do David since he came to Birmingham 2 years ago. I am a third year medical student, and I can honestly say that David went out of his way to make sure my first two years were easier to handle, whether it was a casual conversation about interesting aspects of emergency medicine while we mowed our lawns, or by giving me a boxful of great medical references to start my school year. A passionate teacher, a great friend and neighbor, he will be greatly missed. I will continue to keep Melissa and his family in my prayers.

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

I will keep him and his family in my prayers.


DScott2144 said...

Dave and Jamie have been friends of mine since 1985 when Jamie and I played soccer together and his Dad was the coach. We all ended up years later at Georgetown together where Jamie and I played soccer together and Dave was at ever game as our biggest fan.

There is not a bad bone in the Andretta family. Nicest people you can come across. Dave...miss you buddy!

- D Scott

Mike said...

Dave was a classmate of mine in high school and we played soccer together. He was a good player, but an even better student. He had to take classes at G'town his senior year b/c he excelled beyond what was offered. Truely a nice guy who comes from a wonderful family and will be missed by more than those who knew him.

Megan said...

Wow. I am really sorry for your loss. I just read the other comments and he sounds like an incredible man who will be hugely missed.

LaLoni said...

I worked with David in the ER. We would butt heads every now and then but he was good at what he did. I will miss watching him grow as I watch his classmate of 2008. I will miss you and my prayers are with Melissa and his family.

Triteacher said...

He sounds like one-of-a-kind. What a beautiful portrait you've painted. I'm sorry.

andy said...

Thanks very much for writing about David. I was on the rescue team that was searching for him, so I never got to meet him, and only met Melissa under those distressing circumstances, but from what I've read they're both people I would have been honored to call friends.

I've had a lump in my throat all week and reading about their adventures, seeing their wedding photos, has brought tears to my eyes again. My heart goes out to Melissa, their families, and all their friends.

Words seem so futile... I am just so sorry that we couldn't have brought him back down alive.

IronJenny said...

I'm so sorry DV - poor Melissa, too.
Way too young. Bless his soul.

Jim*55* said...

It is difficult to capture David Andretta into words. I think your description describes him perfectly. As another collegue, I am grateful for your words.

David always showed up early to work and stayed late. In two years with him, I never saw him upset or unhappy. Another collegue who spoke to his wife relayed to me that "he was truely happy." In reflecting back, I cannot think of a time that this was untrue. He was someone I knew I could count on without question and always with a smile.

David never lost his childhood innocence or sense of adventure. I cannot remember ever hearing him utter a bad word about anyone.

My last time spent with him was in Destin, Florida at the Alabama Chapter's American College of Emergency Physicians Conference. I rememeber him contacting places for us to all go parasailing. Unfortunately, conference time would not allow for this. My only regret is that this was one of the few times in residency that we got to spend time together outside of the emergency department.

We will all miss him at UAB. I have heard from residents in all specialties: internal medicine, psychiatry, neurology, general surgery, and pediatrics. All have sent words of prayer or have shared kind words about David. A trauma surgery attending was at a loss for words when she approached me about David Andretta to offer support.

I know that all saw the same mind and heart we all saw in David. He will be missed...

Dennis said...

How terribly sad for everyone, especially those who knew David at Georgetown. I remember the first time I met him, I felt so overwhelmed by his knowledge and quick pick up. He was the only one who I really felt was smarter than us all.

Our Prayers Are With You and Your Family. This is a great loss to humanity.

Dennis McMahon

Whit said...

What a devastating image follows that link at the end of your article. That poor woman.

Dave was a controversial guy, but friendly and funny and persistent. He had a lot of ambition, and it looks like he was finally living up to it. What a terrible way to lose a husband, so suddenly and during what sounds like such a happy time. Sympathies to his wife and parents especially.

KellyAnn said...

I knew Dave from Georgetown. A great guy and a great colleague. My sympathies to his wife and family.

Kazi said...

This is so, so sad. I got to know Melissa during our grad school days at Emerson in Boston. She used to refer to David as her "psuedo" BF back when things were uncertain between the two of them. We were all so happy to hear that they ended up together. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families :(

Leslie said...

I only had the opportunity to work with David for a short while, but like you said, it was obvious that he had a zest for life. You could always count on him having a smile on his face and an eternally positive attitude. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and their families.

Nick Redmill said...

I have worked with David since his first year at UAB. He was one of the easiest MDs to get along with. It is very difficult to express the thought and feelings that I and the other staff of UED are having right now... To Melissa and the entire Andretta family, You are a member of the UED famliy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. WE will always be here for you.

Nick Redmill, RN

Harry Kim said...

David Andretta,
My tears keep shedding as I think of the tremendous loss. David was a very loyal friend and colleague these past 2 years. He worked hard, was passionate about patient care, and was the most loyal friend you can have. In a heart beat I would want him as my doctor. The last time I saw him was when I dropped him off at the airport, to this day I wish I had hugged him instead of giving him the perfunctory handshake. We all are wondering why he left us so early in life, but I am trying to focus on the positives on how he touched so many lives. Of course I will miss watching "Entourage" with him, having pizza at Mellow Mushroom, studying for the in-service examination, but most importantly I will remember his zest for life, love of traveling, compassion towards patients, and being a friend you can count on. Mel, Jaime, and the entire Andretta family my thoughts, prayers and tears go out to you.

Kazi said...

DV3 - thank you for sharing the note and pictures that Melissa sent. Melissa, those pictures from South Africa are beautiful. I can't stop thinking of you and Dave. At the same time, it makes me smile when I come across pictures of your adventures. You two know how to squeeze out every ounce of fun from this world we live in, something I always admired about you guys. Don't ever change. We'll see you soon.

Hyacinth said...

What I remember of David in med school were his jokes and smile. It's so sad to think that he's gone, such a vibrant person at such a young age.

Those photos of David during his trip are very touching and I couldn't hold back the tears. Thank you Melissa for sharing your love in this difficult time.

My prayers and thoughts are with Melissa and family.

We'll miss you dearly, David.

Nichole said...

many tears and even more love from jersey - andretta's laughter & huge smile will be missed - bringing out the adventure in everyone - the bungee jump off of tower bridge in england is still mentioned...

Marcia (Georgetown M'03) said...

David, you'll always be smiling in our memories.

Ryan said...

David was one of my closest/long-time friends. I met him when I went to London the first time. He was Gus' next door neighbor and something else. Always the daredevil, he was one of the people that I went bungee jumping with.. that was like 2 days after I met the kid and we've been friends since. Funny that we became such good friends for only knowing each other only for about two weeks. I hung out with David once in Georgetown while in VA for work. Becky and Devang made the trip up from Duke and we had a good time.

The year after Devang and I drove down to D.C. to see Becky for 4th of July, where believe it or not, Becky was staying at the same townhouse that David's brother lived at the year before. I had been there already.. too strange... David met up with us and it was always interesting when he was around. I think that was the first time that I met his loooong-time girlfriend, and very much later to be wife, Mel. Through out the years they have visted these parts of the fine state of NJ and have either stayed with me, Gus or Devang. Hell.. I've even waited on them all at Friday's once! David and Mel finally tied the knot last September. I wasn't able to make it.. now knowing that I'll never be able to have an odd conversation with him again, I wish that I could've made it.

David had a quirky way about him. Extremely smart and funny.. even though I don't think he truly understood when he was funny, because he was being serious. I remember David not really having an internal monologue, so its not surprising that we became friends. Although he said things that made people feel uncomfortable and things that even I, yes.. even I, felt were uncomfortable he never said it in an a malicious manner.. something he didn't learn from me! LOL! I know most.. actually none of you guys knew him, but I think you guys would have liked him a lot. There are people in your life that you meet that have no influence in your life and then there are people that you are better off knowing..David was one of those of people. I wish that I had more time to share with David.. but I don't... As I'm angry about it, I'm glad he went out doing something that he was interested in, instead of lying in a hospital bed dying from something. He lived his life and most people don't. I love him a lot and I miss him... Rest in peace buddy

Mel, get in touch with me... I love you and I'm thinking about you.

charels read said...

I have been on faculty at Georgetown for the past 16 years. I met David when he was a first year medical student and subsequently had the pleasure of working with him throughout the next four years including a special 6 weeks when he was assigned to me one on one during his third year. David was one of those remarkable students whom I always enjoyed having. His intellectual curiosity and passion for medicine made him a pleasure to teach. I merely had to point him in the right direction and he would follow through with self enlightenment. Additionally he also made the learning two way as he would share his own passions. We would exchange inspirational novels we had read. He would regale me with his travels and experiences. When I heard that he was going to spend the last three months prior to graduating in Australia working in a surf shop, I too had a twinge of concern that he was not utilizing this time to focus on his studies. It was only later that that I realized my true feelings were more of envy of him and disappointment in myself, as I had similar dreams but had not taken time in my life to live them; to travel to Australia and truly embrace the lifestyle. Unfortunately, with my career as it is there would be no way to have the time to accomplish that in my life. I eventually met the much talked about, Mel at the Tombs one Sunday brunch and discovered she was also my secretary’s best friend. David was also one of those students with whom I managed to stay in touch. As time marched on the contact lessened but never broke off. When I heard about David’s death through one of his classmates, I was devastated and spent the week in a cloud. I will miss David, but even in his death when he was doing what he loved, he has taught me one more lesson. I think it is time to book that flight to Australia and focus on what is important to me. My heart is heavy but my thoughts are with you Mel.
Chip Read

John D (C'99, M'03) said...

I went to college and med school with Dave, and I can honestly say I know of no one who smiled more than he did. The pictures of him with that ear-to-ear smile in South Africa bring back many fond memories, and make it all the harder to accept that he's gone. He will be sorely missed.

My condolences to Melissa and his family.

Chuck said...

I knew David all of his life. In fact I feel kind of responsible for David because I introduced his parents to one another and let nature take its course.

It was about 35 years ago when his dad, Bob, and I, were in the U.S. Navy working as naval intellignence officers stationed in London. Bob was a heavily, decorated, wounded, Vietnam war hero which I was lucky enough not to be.

His mother, Betty, was a blond, beauty with brains studying in London with guts enough to take off for Africa to do some graduate field research.

Those of us who know and love Bob and Betty know David got his good looks and good mind from his mother.

Bob, whose idea of fun was a tough rugby game gave David, his
smile and zest for life.

Both of his parents gave David his love of adventure and travel.

I remember him as a fine baby, who became a fine young boy, and then a fine young man.

David was a gifted, determined athlete and a natural competitor who knew how to have fun.

He was respectful to his parent's old friend and always seemed happy, caring and even glad to pretend he enjoyed listening to old stories about his parents when they were young.

David and Melissa's recent wedding and the party the next day were wonderful in large part because the bride and groom's joy and love were so evident and their parent's pride and happiness so obvious.

The newspaper picture of Melissa kneeling next to David's body was so sad and so moving.

My wife, Marty and I and our five children, are happy our lives were touched by David and our love, sympathy and prayers extend not only to Bob, Betty, Jamie and Melissa but to everyone who were part of David's life.

Krista said...

We met David and Melissa on the African safari. We will forever remember David's face as a lion roared at close range. We spent 4 wonderful days witnessing David and Melissa's love for life, love for adventure and love for each other. Our thoughts go out to Melissa and to both their families and friends.

Carolyn Sherman said...

I knew David before he was born. His parents Bob and Betty were great friends of ours, and we were all so happy when we found out Betty was pregnant. We watched and waited as Betty got bigger and bigger, and when David was born it was a thrill. From the beginning he was a pistol--charming, funny, smart, full of life--a delightful and challenging son. There was never a dull moment with David around, and our kids loved to play with him and his brother Jamie.

Over the years it was a joy to watch David grow up. He became a man any parent would be proud of. He was thoughtful, wonderful to talk to, with a mind that was quick and fair. He had a smile that made you smile, and a kind way about him that made me know he'd be a good doctor.

I am heartbroken. Yet knowing that someone as extraordinary as David graced our world even for a little while gives me hope in the midst of grief.

My prayers and thoughts are with his family and friends. David will be sorely missed. No words can ever suffice to express the loss.

Hentie & Lizanne said...

We met David and Melissa on a four day Wilderness trail in die Kruger National Park, South Africa. It was a privilege to meet them and sharing the Wilderness Experience with them. We enjoyed hiking with them and the way David expressed himself, especially after our close encounter with two lions. When telling our friends about our encounter with the lions David's name is always mentioned.

It was clear from the moment we met David that he was a passionate person with a insatiable desire for adventure. In the beginning of the hike we thought that David and Melissa were on their honeymoon, because of the way David always had to be close to Melissa, we admired that about them.

In the evenings sitting and talking around the camp fire we were amazed hearing about all their adventures and everything David still wanted to do. He taught us to live life to the fullest, with passion and taking enjoyment out of every day, not to postpone our dreams.

David's tragic passing leaves us deeply saddened, but he will be fondly remembered by everyone who knew him.

Our thoughts and Prayers are with Melissa and family.

mle said...

how very sad to see such an adventurous person die as he did. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family.

Green Machine Teammate said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Melissa, his parents and Bear.

Chris Van Wyk said...

My family and I got to know David when he and I were studying at King's College, London. He had got stuck in London over Christmas and so I had him join us for the holidays.
He was, as many Americans are around wild Brits in their Natural Habitat, scrupulously courteous, even taking care not to laugh. Trying to make him laugh then became a game for the whole day, with all the members of my huge family joining in. David's quick uptake of the unspoken rules of this game and the determination with which he fought to defeat us won him eternal respect. Likewise grace with which he accepted a wildly inappropriate gift from my aunt has become a lasting family legend.
David kindly wrote of how the experience that Christmas focused his feelings of missing his own wonderful family and prompted him to cut short his year in London to return to the States shortly afterwards, but I don't think it will ever be possible for words to tell how much his wit, gentle conduct and insightful intellect enriched our Christmas 9 years ago.
Last year David kindly invited me to be a part of his wedding to Mel, and I got to see how wonderful his family truly is. The thought of those, beautiful, happy, welcoming people in grief is terrible to me, and I wish there were some comfort to bring them. Reading the comments on this page I am struck by how much more to David there is: Like the very best of adventurers, tales of him are made all the better for knowing that he will always be able to surprise and amaze you, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has smiled even in their grief reading these comments and thought "I didn't know that, but it sure sounds like David!"

Melissa Scherer said...

Mel, my heart is heavy for you, and i feel honored to have witnessed the start of your love at georgetown. when you need a getaway, please visit me in sarajevo. you are in my prayers. love, mel

Liz Van Wyk, Chris's mum said...

David spent Christmas with us when he was at King's in London. He had to return to the UK on Christmas Eve, if I remember correctly, and was expecting Mel to join him in London three days later. He flew in overnight from the States and, to begin with, chatted nicely. Clearly, though, he was very tired and gradually he slipped further and further into a horizontal position and fell asleep. "Result!" I thought, "He feels at home."
The three days were a whirl of piling into my tin can of a car and visiting family and friends. David was a hit with everyone, from my eight-year-old niece whom he played with to the patience with which he listened to my 85-year-old Dad's stories. After a quick tour of the Island - the photo on Mel and Dave's site shows a chilly Chris and Dave at Carisbrooke Castle, where we'd just missed the annual confrontation between the foxhunters and the protesters - he was gone to meet his beloved Mel. None of us has forgotten him and all of us want to extend our sympathies to Mel and David's parents and Jamie. To all of you, if you're ever this way, please come and visit.

chris ruisi said...

I was very disturbed to learn of david's untimely and very tragic passing. Having lived with david for 2 years during medical school, I would concur with all that has already been written about him. At times controversial, he was nonetheless full of good nature and was always a good friend to me. I certainly have good memories from the time we lived together. I think that I what I admired most david was the tremendous passion and committment that he exhibited -towards medicine, to mel, but most of all towards the pursuit of his dreams and happiness. He never feared adversity. If there is any gleam of light during this difficult period, perhaps it is the thought that david died doing what he loved and spending time with the person he loved most. He will certainly be missed and I wanted to extend my deepest and most sincere condolences to his lovely wife and family.

Melissa said...

David Andretta... I worked with David in the UED and was able to hang out with David some over the past two years. What a fun, life-loving guy. When I first met David, he was on his way to kayak and hike after a shift and he was so excited. I can only imagine him seeing the lions and sharks in Africa.. like a kid in the candy store. I'm going to miss having him around. My condolences to Melissa and the rest of his family. God Bless.

Gjanje (Georgetown M'04) said...

My condolences to Melissa and the rest of Dave's family. I'm very sorry for you loss.

Matthew said...

I only knew David for the 9 months before he died. I met him climbing at the UAB rock wall, and am grateful to have known him. He wasn't just the guy who would give random blips of encouragement, but rather, the man who would take time to coach climbers , step by step, through a problem until they got it. It didn't seem to matter to him that his limited time he had during the week for the rock wall was being spent teaching rather than practicing 100% of the time. He took enjoyment out of passing on his learned skills for the sport. He would tell you exactly where you were, but pointed out what you needed to work on to excel on the rock.
Even more meaningful though, is that as a pre-med student, I always had a question for David regarding med-school, or residency, or even his day to day work in the ER. He was always willing to share his experiences with me, in order to give me a better understanding of the field. He has given me so much more to think about, as I plan for my career and life goals.
David was the type of guy that everyone wanted to be around for several reasons. He was an honest, funny, kind, generous gentleman, who genuinely gave his all.
Melissa, you probably don't remember me from the one time we met at the wall, but I am deeply sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you and your family.

Jenny said...

I can remember when they posted the new residents pictures online on the UAB Emergency Medicine page. David's was the one you could slide your pointer across and 'magically' there'd be Dave in his visor. Slide away and the visor would be gone. David always had that yellow visor on, or one of many.

We had great times together with him and Mel. One was Davenport's pizza in Mountain Brook and hearing about the wedding. My favorite time was Pre-Thanksgiving Run Through. They cooked a trial run Thanskgiving dinner and it was perfect. David just had to get that gravy right too. Hilarious. We laughed and ate way too much. It was awesome. The food was fabulous. Harry even came by in his pimp costume on his was to a Halloween Party and spent some time with us.

David was one of the most passionate people about medicine. DV's description of him was perfect. He was so smart. His mind worked a thousand miles a minute. He would always have his mind focused on the patient. I enjoyed working with him and also all of us spending time together after work.

Melissa, I cannot find the words to say to you. There are none fit for a situation like this. I immediately liked you from the very first time I met you at the Christmas Party. It was refreshing to see eye to eye with another woman for a change. You two have such a love for life and for each other that others can only dream of. I am here for you if you need anything and will see you in September in DC. Take Care.


Jeff Caldwell said...

I knew David for a short time during my two years at UAB. He really was an amazing person, and everyone has pointed out all the things that made David, well David. His smile and general outlook on life is something that some people spend their whole life trying to get to. He was someone who loved everything he did.

God be with you and your family.

Jess said...

I remember a conversation I had with David about a year ago, He said, he was getting married! He sounded so excited about his bride to be.
As a wife and a climber my heart goes out to Melissa.
Also to Davids family....
God Bless

Jon M said...

I only knew David for about one year, but in that year he became my mentor and my friend.

As one of his climbing buddies, I spent plently of time just hanging out. But as someone who wants to pursue medicine, David was an inspiration and a blast of fresh air. How someone could be so dedicated to his career, his family, his hobbies, his passions, his friends, was amazing to me. He did it all, and he did it well. When I got down on myself, and didn't think I had the right stuff to get into school - David corrected me. I wish he was around to thank as I got into school last month (to do EM one day).

Melissa, though I only met you once, know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope knowing that your husband was a mentor and a friend to me, as well as countless others, can help ease this hard time. Getting to know David was an honor. He's the man!

ALF said...

I didn't know David for a long time but from what I did learn about him was that he was a grounded individual who was always willing to lend a helping hand. I will always remember David's willingness to assist me and Linda after the Wednesday resident lunch. Just from reading the other postings on this site I can tell that David has made an impact on us all whether big or small. To Melissa and the rest of the Andretta family - I give my sympathy and you are in my prayers. Melissa I truly admire your strength!

jerbob said...

Was David related to Adrienne, born Adrienne Andretta, from Connecticut?
Would somebody mind emailing the answer to:
Thank you.

Matthew said...

I remember David as a surgical intern before he started his emergency medicine training at UAB. Despite the hard long working hours, David was always full of smiles. He will be missed.

On behalf of David's colleagues while he was at Beth Isreal Deaconess, our prayers are with Melissa and David's family members.

Anne Gay said...

I just heard about David's untimely death and was truly shaken. I was David's pre-school teacher. As someone else mentioned, David was always a real pistol. He kept things interesting- always coming up with an angle from which to view things that was totaly original and new. And he could argue his point, even as a four year old.

It is truly sad when some one this young dies. It is even sadder when the some one showed such promise. My thoughts and prayers are with the Daivd's family and his wife.

Anonymous said...

David was the 8th grader assigned to mentor me when I was in first grade at Holy Trinity School. He has been my impossible role model and hero since then. To you, David!
Hoya saxa!

Alexandra said...

Thank you for your lovely entry about David. I just heard about David's death and have been devastated. David and I were friends since the second grade. My heart goes out to his family. I included the following on our blog in dedication of his amazing spirit. We miss you David...

I just learned that one of my dearest childhood friends, David Andretta, passed away while rock climbing in South Africa (the news story can be found "here"). I am floored and completely devastated by the news.

I first met David in the second grade and we remained classmates until we went our separate ways for high school, six years later. In that time, we became good friends and fierce competitors in the classroom. So much of my memory at Holy Trinity Elementary School is wrapped up with David - being paired up in science class together to dissect a frog (David wouldn't touch it and I always found it funny that he went on to become a doctor), having discussions from the mundane (who liked whom and who kissed whom) to the scientific (solar energy versus nuclear energy) to the political (Romanian revolution, Gulf War round one) to the social (girls and athletics), hanging out at each other's homes, teasing each other often, seeing his mega-kilowatt smile. I was always in awe of David's soccer prowess and athletic abilities. But the one thing that impressed me the most while we were growing up, was his determination. He worked really hard for every single thing that he had and was committed to excellence - being second best was never an option in his mind. David always had a lot of energy and a lot of focus. Yet when we caught up with each other again just last year at his wedding, what struck me the most was how happy he was and how much he laughed. In the time that we had grown up apart, David had turned into a smart, successful, super adventurer and had taken that focus that he had always had and morphed it into a zest for life. It was infectious and fun to be around.

I want to say that the world is a sadder place without him in it. But the truth is, the world is a better place for the time that he was here. I miss him, I miss the opportunity to have him in my life and I miss the chance to have him be a part of my future memories. Melissa, Mr. and Mrs. Andretta, Jamie - your are in our thoughts and our prayers.

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John said...

I met David for the first time at his wedding. It was such a happy day and David made an instant good first impression with his kilowatt smile and easy conversation. He'll be missed.

Jennifer Nemecek said...

It is September 15th and I have just found out about David's death and I am shocked, saddened and I feel so deeply for his parents, Jamie and Melissa. I have been to Table Mountain and South Africa two times and I am shocked to hear what happened. My deepest thoughts are with you as I hugh my two little sons this evening.

I have known the Andretta family since 1990 when I came to work with Betty, his mother, at Georgetown. For years I have witnessed and admired the tremendous love and dedication that both Bob and Betty have for both David and Jamie and I can only imagine the loss they feel. I always knew Melissa was his sweetheart and after medical school and residency they would finally get married. Oh, Melissa I cannot even imagine your feelings of loss, but reading this blog is a wonderful way to keep him and his spirit alive. My thoughts and prayers are with you. A candle will shine at the grotto at the Basilica at Notre Dame in his honor.

Jennifer Ely Nemecek

Anonymous said...

We are friends of Bob and Betty, David's parents... we didn't know David well, but each of us hold these vivid snapshots of him which makes his death seem so unexplainable.

Mine is a summer afternoon and David was about 8 or 9, darting through a beach home, with instructions from his mom to find his younger brother. He was talking all the way as he zigged and zagged into the yard. Betty and I laughed and laughed about all that energy.

AJ recalls meeting David on the Metro. He had his Gonzaga sports bag, and just wanted to say hello to a rugby friend of his Dad. David did so, with that great smile and sweet manners.

We are sad... and so sorry for your loss, Betty and Bob...AJ and Linda

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