May 16, 2007

New Journeys

Well, the time has finally come to put up or shut up.

Later today I will fly to Disney for a few days with Mickey and the Florida Half Ironman on Sunday. I will finally get to see what it's like to play this triathlon game on the national stage.

When I was first challenged to my first sprint tri last summer, I had no idea that I would embrace this sport like I have.

Triathlon has given me a focus outside of work and family, a focus that has been lacking for many years as evidenced by my various dabblings in everything from racing cars to political sport. Triathlon has taught me that my limits aren't really limits but rather are excuses for me not to do something. If I want something bad enough, and it is physically possible, then I can do it. It may take me a few months or years to figure out the right formula, learn the right technique, but I can do it. I will do it.

Triathlon has given my body bulges of muscle in new places - my quads, my upper back, my calves. It's given me a resting hr that hovers around 50. It's let me eat more ice cream... ;)

I was never really an athlete when I was growing up. Yea, I was athletic. But competitive athletics were not encouraged by my family. I played a little football but I had too many casts on various body parts to play consistently. I ran a little but had no role models and had no idea how to properly run or train. I played golf a little but, again, I had no role models to teach me.

But triathlon has taken me from athletic to athlete. While Crossfit introduced me to fitness, triathlon has taken me to the next level. I hadn't done pull-ups in a few months before last week when I easily pulled a set of 20. There are veins bulging on my arms that I've never before seen. I can go outside right this second and run 15 miles and actually be able to walk tomorrow morning. That to me is amazing... I feel like an athlete, like a competitor.

I doubt I ever will win a triathlon, and probably will never even be competitive in my age group. But that's not the point in triathlon. The point is getting yourself ready to go the distance. It's the journey, not the destination. And I think this journey is pretty damn sweet.

The journey.

So for this particular journey to Disney, I'll be taking Emma and my mom. Emma turns 7 on the 23rd so she gets a birthday Disney trip, and my mom is coming to play and help Emma cheer during the race. My mom is the best! Friday we'll play in the Disney parks, then Saturday will be split between race prep and probably another park. Sunday will be devoted to the race, and Monday will be spent playing in the parks until we leave Monday evening.

It's looking like the tri-blogger community will be well represented for this race. 6 or 7 of us are planning to get together Saturday for bike rides and dinner.
I can't wait to meet IronGirlNyhus and Tri Nick, 2 of the Gear West team that also will be travelling to Zurich for IM Switzerland next month.

In other news, I've added another race to my schedule. I'm heading to Colorado Memorial Day weekend for a couple days of cycling and then Bolder's namesake race, the Bolder Boulder. This will be the first 10k running race I've ever done, and I must admit, I'm more than a bit nervous about the elevation changes and the altitude. Boulder looks like it is about 5500 feet, and I live at - oh, about 700 feet. Yikes!!!

But no matter how much I suck at the race, I'm looking forward to meeting him and her, and other bloggers making there way to Boulder to run with 50,000 of their closest friends.

The next 2 weeks is going to R O C K!!

Until next time, thanks for joining me for My Daily Spin.


IM Able said...

Safe travels, safe racing, fast transitions, and speedy results!

Oh, and give Mickey a hug for us!

TriGirl 40 said...

Wishing you a great half IM and a wonderful trip to FLA. Enjoyed hearing about how triathlon has made a difference in your life - much of what you said rang true for me, too.

stronger said...

Go show disney what you're made of!

Bike Chick said...

Good luck in Florida! You're going to do great. :) Can't wait to hear about it.

Donald said...

Did somebody sign me up without me knowing? I'd love to be there ... but it ain't gonna happen, I'm afraid. Sorry.

Have a great race!

TriJack said...

d, there were rumors... (oops, wishful thinking...)

Michele said...

Good luck. Have a great race.
Happy Birthday to Emma.
Look forward to the race report.

Cindy Jo said...

Have a great race -- it will be easy compared to the Disney Park experience!!!

LoneStarCrank said...

Crank it up TriJack. We look forward to celebrating your success. You have put in the time and go have fun!

TJ said...

Good luck Jack!

Wendy said...

Enjoy! Glad to hear you've already connected with my brother at the Wonderful World! Best of luck tomorrow.