September 24, 2007


It grows slowly
This seed,

Burdened upon me
By debauchery
and dreams of purpose.
Red clay and dry days
Punish me
Starve me
Beat me
Until I break free
The earth and the world
Sees me,
a young sapling.
Roots grow deep,
Leaves become many
I am mighty and strong
But not as strong as the
Storm winds and Snow
That pummels me and
Fights to keep me from
My Dreams.
I fall.
But like all else
This too will pass,
Storms move on,
winter colds turn warm.
And I, I will
Grow again, Rising
More sturdy with
Deeper roots knowing
That I have walked this road,
I have felt the winds and hard times,
And I have survived.
And I will survive,
Become the mighty oak.
And that dream, whichever dream,
Will be mine with persistence
And patience
And courage
And strength.

It grows slowly
This seed.


Megan said...

OMG. First, that's beautiful. Second, it's exactly where I am at right now, almost as if you wrote my feelings, but much more eloquently. Thank you for sharing this.

IronJenny said...

You write beautiful poetry DV.

Re-read you past and present: you always were a mighty oak, fair weather or stormy. You still are. Always will be.


Lisa said...

I agree with Ironjenny. I don't know how you see yourself, but I've always seen you as strong, someone that others would take shelter with. It's okay that the seed is growing slowly, it just means it's putting down deep and sturdy roots so it can't be shaken.

Beautiful post.

Matt said...

So, I take it the foot is healing? Sounds like you're gearing up again.

Matt said...

So, I take it the foot is healing? Sounds like you're gearing up again.

momo said...

glad to see you back and posting. :-)

that seed might be growing slowly, but you're nurturing it and that's all it needs to grow big and strong.

Lana said...

Beautiful. Just remember, forward movement. It doesn't have to be much and it doesn't have to be fast, but forward movement will get you there.

Hang tough. I'll be thinking of you.

Triteacher said...

Yep. And we'll be watching - and rooting. (Pun not intended.;))