June 13, 2007


"Daddy I'm about to throw up!"

Not exactly my first choice of words to awake to... I dashed into the girls' bathroom and found Emma cradling the porcelain.

"My tummy hurts daddy..."
I held her long curly locks back out of her face while she emptied her stomach for the first of multiple times today. And if she's not vomiting, she's either doubled over cramping or it's coming the other way. Or she's asleep.

My 7 year old that never takes naps has slept all day, unless she's in the bathroom. We had a few errands to run, and she had to make pit stops in EVERY.SINGLE.STORE. Twice in one. Then right to sleep once we were back in the truck to move to the next stop.

I tend not to get anxious about my kids getting hurt or sick. I know enough and have seen enough to know that time heals just about everything. Sometimes that backfires, like when Aidan cut his head open on a kitchen cabinet (or was it a slip on the rocks, I've forgotten the details now) and I opted to let it heal rather than get a few sutures put in. Months later it was still unhealed and scabbed over (interestingly, it wasn't until I shaved his head for his mohawk that it finally healed completely...).

But it still makes me feel awful to see one of my kids suffering. The absolute worst feeling is when she is vomiting, and I know that to her it feels like the contents won't stop coming up and she wants to breathe but she can't because this nasty bile is spewing endlessly from her. And then it stops but she can't breathe in yet because she still is retching. And finally she can breathe in, but when she does she has the horrible taste of stomach acid and partially digested food and she cries out for something, anything to make this stop.

And finally it does and she falls back asleep.

And I sit beside her, hand toying with her long curly locks, and I just want something, anything to make this stop.


Cliff Tam said...

Vomiting is the worst...not just for kids..even for us adults.

hak said...

Man, I hope she feels better soon.

Funny thing about caring for loved ones. I worked as an emergency responder while I was in college. My job was to stabilize anyone who was injured in intramural sports until the pros could arrive and cart them off to the hospital.

I was assigned to the ice arena for two years and saw some interesting things...like the time the goalie thought the game was over and took his gloves off. Two seconds later the game was back on and right on top of him. He came out of the mix having had someone ice skate across the back of his exposed fingers.

When I got called over from the other rink, I could smell the blood as soon as I stepped into the arena. Didn't phase me one bit.

Fast forward 15 years and my wife gets a good cut from a kitchen knife. I start to take a look at her bloody finger and just about pass out.

Strange what happens when that emotional connection is there.


momo said...

ugh, i hate to be throw up sick. the poor little thing - take good care of her, dad.

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Throwing up is awful... I still cry like a baby when I am sick.

Bike Chick said...

Oh boy, I feel for her. I hope she feels better soon. My niece and I went thru that together last month, on her birthday no less. I felt so bad for her. Maddie (age big 7), who had it first, was an excellent, sympathetic nurse with great advice when it was my turn.

RunBubbaRun said...

I hope she is feeling better, That is the worst part of being a parent, seeing your kids sick, especially at a youg age..

Mallie said...

Throwing up never gets easier. I'm almost 36 and it's still the one "illness" that makes me want to curl up in a ball and just sob. You're an awesome daddy and I'm sure she so appreciated your hand stroking her hair as she tried to sleep.

ironjenny said...

Bless her ... it will be over soon, and she'll have her fun energetic happy self back.

drbubba said...

We've been fortunate. The twins have only experienced short nausea episodes that seem to be over as fast as they begin.

I hope she's better soon.

Robin said...

The only thing worse than being sick yourself is having to see one of your kids sick or suffering. Hope she is feeling better soon!