June 11, 2007

2 weeks

Less than 2 weeks left until Ironman, and it still doesn't scare me like I thought it would.

This journey has brought me to places that I didn't know existed, and to people that I didn't know could exist.

I never knew sting like the dried sweat salt pushed into my eyes by the new and unrelenting sweat of 100% humidity combined with a 2 hour trail run.

I never knew hot like mile 60 of a 100 in 95 degrees when the hydration-replacement store that I thought was 10 miles ago was still 10 miles away.

I never knew incapacitated like the pain of finishing my first 26.2 with an IT band inflamed and hurting for weeks prior and that now had pea-sized knots visible on the side of my knee.

I never knew embarrassing like a 100 yards into the first leg of my first Olympic tri when I realized that no, I didn't know how to swim, and what the hell was I doing trying to pretend that I did?

I never knew persistence like the 20th mile of a treadmill run.

I never knew satisfaction like finishing my first non-stop mile swim, and then just a month later finishing my first Ironman length swim.

I never knew patience like 6 weeks of no running to let a broken body heal.

I never knew diligence like dozens of hours spent on a treadmill watching the mirror and learning to run while minimizing leg lateral movement.

I never knew community like the friends I've met along the way, online and off, who have supported and encouraged and taught and laughed with me and cried with me and shared with me who have made me realize that Ironman is not a destination to fear, but a journey of exploration to embrace.

Less than 2 weeks until Ironman, and it still doesn't scare me like I thought it would.


Libor said...

Remember the first thing about it. Have fun! You will finish if you just have fun. The work is done, you've gained as much fitness as you could have to this point. Now sit back and relax, gain the benefits of a taper and kick some butt on the race. All the best man!

stronger said...

2 weeks? Hey, the closer it gets the harder it will be ;)

Michele said...

Enjoy the taper, you are going to do great. You have worked hard.

Mallie said...

Of course not...you've definitely banked plenty during your training. You'll be excited and nervous...but you won't be scared. You've done everything right. You got grit!

Bolder said...

dude, it shouldn't scare you.

the work's been done.

prepare to unleash yourself on that course on race day.

when do you ever get to spend almost an entire day, just focusing on you, and doing what you like to do.


RunBubbaRun said...

I think it does not scare you, because you have done the work and are confident on your abilites to do well at IM. Then you know you are ready...

Now it is all about more mental prep and trying not to have "taper" insanity before the big day.

Donald said...

Yeah ... what Bolder said.

You sound very prepared. Enjoy your taper.

Matt said...

Great post, great post, great post! You forgot to mention that you never knew you'd be hungry ALL THE TIME! Man, I'm always hungry. Your training has been incredible. Take care of yourself for the next two weeks. The rest you'll get will do your body good.

Bike Chick said...

I like the list. With your strength (and I don't mean physical strength) and courage, I'm not surprised that it doesn't scare you. Cake. Walk.

hak said...

Impressive mental fortitude. Twenty miles on a treadmill.

My Nikes and I salute you, sir!


IM Able said...

You're already prepared, and layed out your fears on the road ahead of you and trained right over them.

What's left is the joy and glory. Enjoy both.

SkiRough said...

I love this post! Beautifully written, and very inspiring. You've made my "Ironman writing" file on my harddrive. :) Thanks!