March 29, 2007


Speak to me
your clarity,
and tell me the secrets
I need to make you mine.

Show to me
your curves,
and give me the strength I need
to endure your climbs.

Give to me
your sights and sounds,
and let me smell
the brilliance of your dew.

Feed to me
your energy,
and let me taste
warm rain on my tongue.

Take from me
my naivete;
in September,
our time will come.


RunBubbaRun said...

Okay we had cold rain and the smell of cows last year. Not sure if you were looking for those types of feelings.

Hopefully this year will better... But the smell of cows will still be there..

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

Can't wait to come cheer you on there!!!

Bike Chick said...

Great post. I know Wisconsin is going to be a great experience for you.

Mallie said...

Hey Jack...thanks for the pre-PT comments. I posted something new this morning and could use your medical expertise. Swing by if you have a chance.