March 9, 2007

About Me Changes

My "About Me" needs to change.

No, I won't admit to having changed. But my environment has changed, and I can definitively say that I am happy with the changes.

First, I've reached a kid milestone - they all are out of diapers! My youngest finally has graduated to the underoos. No more wet wipes, no more late night trips to Publix when I realized at their bedtime that I had used the last pull-up, no more diapers to pull from the washing machine when someone decided to help with the laundry, no more little swimmers, no more... Diaper free!!!!

Second, I no longer can claim to be trying to learn how to swim. Know what?? I know how to swim! When I was first introduced to this triathlon thing back in July, I had never once swam a lap in a pool. Never. My first sprint tri included a 600 yard swim, and I was doggie paddling/back floating for about 3/4 of it. In January my longest non-stop swim was 750 yards. My long swim this week was 2000 yards straight. 2000 yards!! I'm certainly not fast, but I'm steady. And last time I checked, steady finishes.

Finally, I must admit that I'm starting to enjoy running. I've always been a decent runner - I could do a 5k with no training at any point in my life (although I rarely did). But I always have hated to actually run just to run. But it slowly is growing on me. I think when I ran without a real purpose in my non-training life, I would always run at the same speed and about the same distance over and over and over. I could never go farther, because I would run too fast. Long runs, tempo runs, interval runs - all foreign concepts. Now, I know I can run slow if I need to run long, and that will help me run fast for shorter distances. My favorite runs now are the mid-distance tempo runs - not too fast, not too slow, lots of ground covered.

Time passes no matter our reaction to it. We can exist, or we can live. We can stagnate, or we can train.

Little things like learning to use modern plumbing are just as monumental to me as swimming for more than a mile straight. It's progress. And progress lets me know that I'm not just existing, I'm living.

Thanks for joining me for My Daily Spin.


Bike Chick said...

Woo! Congrats on the Diaper Freedom. For both of you. :)

And congrats on the being a learned swimmer now. And enjoying running. That's kind of interesting that you came to the tri world when you the swim and the run were issues for you.

You've come a long way. Keep it up!

momo said...

no diapers? doesn't it make you just a wee bit sad that they're growing up so fast?

you're training is awesome, trijack. you have set a goal and you are consistently making your way there, one step at a time. a bunch of those little milestones make one heckuva big ironman mountain.

ironjenny said...

So proud of you and so happy for you!
For once I might actually disagree w/ Momo - I never felt sad about the kids being out if diapers!!! It was, like, the third happiest day of my life!
Good job Little A! Now you can collect on that big bribe I'm sure your daddy offered you... ;-)

rocketpants said...

Sweet new things to your 'about me' section. It is amazing how fast time flies!!

Cliff said...

hmm..2000 yards is sweet. Today I did a 1500 m. I haven't swam this much in a long long time.

I didn't finsih fast but at least I did it.

Love this quote => "Time passes no matter our reaction to it. We can exist, or we can live. We can stagnate, or we can train. "

Donald said...

All changes for the better - except for the diapers part. I agree with Momo a bit on that one.

TriJack said...

he'll grow up with or without diapers - I for one would rather it be without!

TriShannon said...

Your swimming is progressing fast!! From doggie paddler to IM swimmer in no time.

Robin said...

Wooo, diaper-free - that's a great milestone!!!

And congrats on the 2000 yard swim, that's completely and totally awesome! Triathlon is a sport with many gifts for us. Learning to love running and to be really passionate about biking are two of the greatest gifts from the sport in my life. Isn't it amazing that what we choose to change in our lives in turn changes us?

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

I love how you said that steady finishes. I once read an article from my first coach (Rich Strauss). He says, "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast." I think you could substitute any of those words for steady...

Congrats on the out of diapers era... yeah! Diapers stink :)

Cindy Jo said...

Diaper freedom is the best! The savings alone can pay for a family vacation.

No more diaper changes in strange places or in the middle of the night. But beware of "daddy the toliet is broken" when they use an entire roll of toliet paper!

Megan said...

"And progress lets me know that I'm not just existing, I'm living." Absolutely. Well said. Its nice to take pause, look back at who you were then and are now. Progress, by definition, is good. And having just come back from my sister's house and watching her change a few poopys, much congrats on the diaper success.

RunBubbaRun said...

I totally agree about the swimming. Since I'm a slow swimmer, steady always works for me.

Great job on the progress of the swimming. Remember the swim is the shortest part in a IM..

Like you running, has grown on me. Something peaceful about it. I do like those long temp runs and slow runs the best. Rock on.

Michele said...

Yes, your about me does need some updating but they are all positive things.
Awesome swim. Steady will finish.
Congrats on diaper free. I loved that day too.

TriGirl 40 said...

Sorry to be a bit late on responding - but really enjoyed hearing the changes you've experienced since you first started your blog. I've never been one to keep a journal - but think that blogging gives an opportunity for reflection. Looking forward to more updates in your "about me" details.

Mallie said...

I'm late seeing this. Had trouble getting to your site the last couple days. Congrats on all the milestones. I'm a big believer in your motto "steady finishes". Keep up the great work!