January 15, 2007


Today is training rest day # 1.

I started off the season with a 10 day camp of sorts, actually just me busting my arse trying to whip myself back into the routine. I concluded yesterday with a 31 mile bike (1:24:30), a 2 mile dreadmill run on 9 % grade (18:12), and 1000 yard swim with a main set of a 500 TT (10:35).

Obviously my swim is my weakest point, so that is what I am spending more time on these days. Drills, drills drills (heh, kind of reminds me of Vince and Tommy and friends from back in the day - Girls, girls, girls...)... Then more drills. My swim coach doesn't want me to do any main set swims longer than 100 repeats, but I'm stubborn and it just seems like I need longer swims.

Plus, I've got this little goal I invented of a 30 minute mile by April 1, and of course I need to work on the longer yardage swims for that, right? So I think I will do mainly 100 repeats and drills, but at least once a week do a main set of a progressively longer TT. So maybe at the end of this week I will aim for 750 straight, then increase weekly or every other week by 250's. Baby steps(although they seem like huge leaping Neal Armstrong on the moon steps compared to my pitifully weak swim right now)...

In other TriJack tri news, it's all systems go for Ironman Switzerland, just over 5 months away. It's funny how things happen. Ya know, I did my first tri ever in the late summer of 2006. But I realized shortly thereafter that I had the capability of doing big things in tri - not saying podium finishes but the ability to race and compete and encourage. I wanted to do a full IM, but all of the North America IM races for 2007 were full already. So I paid a ridiculous price to buy a training package that included an IM WI race entry. Then I realized that there were international IM events with spots open, so I jumped on the IM Swiss opportunity. Now, instead of no IM's for 2007, I will compete in not only 1 but 2! Wicked, eh?

I'm also looking around for a new tri bike. I've sold my Cervelo One, because quite honestly the frame was too small for me (definitely poor fit is a downside to an ebay used bike purchase), and I am just riding my S Works Stumpjumper Pro Mt Bike for now. I've flirted with the idea of a Felt B2 or an Orbea Orca, both of which are kickass bikes. But I'm concerned that I will have more bike than talent and look silly riding a $4k bike while getting passed by guys on Mt bikes or something. So I'm looking in the sub $2k range, and right now leaning toward the Cervelo Dual. Any opinions?

One final note. I've noticed that many bloggers have dedicated training songs for the year. Well, I kinda thought that was silly until I recently heard Thousand Foot Krutch, Move. For the last week, every run and gym session my MP3 has been on repeat mode with this song. Yea, there is a message behind the lyrics, but whether you identify with the artist's intended message or not, it rocks just the same. If you can't get pumped with Move, you can't get pumped... Click on the Youtube link for the video, or on the Trijack audio tag for a listen... Enjoy!

Thanks for joining me for My Daily Spin.


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Two IMs in your first year?! Wow. You are one determined guy.

TriTimKC said...

Yeah like the tune. I'll be adding that to my iPod. Second IM for 07? Nice!

ironjenny said...

You won't regret two IM's - I did two this year, too and it just "sounds" like a lot.
I know you will LOVE the people that are going to Zurich. It will be a blast....it's the rafting trip your dad wished he had taken. You'll make him proud.
I like Quintana Roo, but bikes are so personal - you really need to sit on a few and get fitted. And nobody will think you are silly being on a kick-ass bike. Get the kick-ass bike!!!