December 26, 2006

New Orleans, Race Calendar, and Music!

Exciting things are happening at My Daily Spin.

The troupe and I are leaving tomorrow for New Orleans for a couple of days, and then we'll spend a week playing in the ocean at Daytona Beach. On the 1st we all will compete in the Get Your Geek On New Year's Triathlon. I will do the super sprint 400 y/10k/2.5m and the kids will do 50y/1m/0.5m.

On the 8th, my inaugural triathlon training season will begin. Last year, I did a couple of tri's but only had a few weeks training before each. There was no training season or, honestly, even a true triathlon season. For me, the game started late and I was never really prepared; but, I winged it anyway. This year, I will be prepared...

I'm still refining my race season calendar. There will be a race of epic proportions added for June, which I will detail in the coming weeks (but, for a teaser, it requires a trans-ocean trip and mountains... lots of mountains!) And it looks like the Mercedes Half Marathon will likely be cancelled to avoid me pushing my run mileage up too much too fast and re-aggravating my IT band.

The troupe will compete in the Mercedes Kids Marathon on February 11, and they are all training hard. They are doing a few half mile runs each week in order to get the required 25.2 miles done by the time of the race. Then they will do the final mile of the marathon on raceday. You have to be 5 to race, but my 3 and 2 year olds are training with the older ones anyway. There motivation is equally inspiring and amazing!

I got on a bike today for the first time in a month for about 10 miles with no knee pain, and then followed that with my first pool session with fins. Heh, too bad fins arent allowed by IM!

Click on the TriJack Audio tag on your left to listen to a kick-ass tune from The Presets, Girl and the Sea.

Enjoy, and thanks for joining me for My Daily Spin.


TriTimKC said...

Have a great time in the Big Easy and in Daytona. Yeah, the beach sounds good right about now...

ironjenny said...

Your kids are on a true training plan - impressive!!
I also can't wait to hear more about the "epic tri" you have planned for June.... If you don't have the time of your LIFE I will personally refund your entry fee. ;-)