April 13, 2009

I'm finally almost caught up on sleep. Yesterday morning I got off work at 6 am, crawled in bed at 630, and slept for 8 solid hours. It was the most by 4 hours I had slept continuously in 6 days and it felt great.

With little sleep there has been little training in the last week. I ran once for a couple hours and rode the trainer once, and that was it. So yesterday me and Mars ran in the rain.

Sunday is Powerman race, and I'm hopeful for better weather and a better performance than my last Powerman in 2007. Rain and 40 degrees was miserable!

I did my taxes yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I owe significantly less than I had expected/budgeted so there may be some new toys in my future!!

Until next time, thanks for joining me for my daily spin...
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IronJenny said...

new toys? like maybe the super hawt Specialized Transition Pro? HAve you looked at that baby? I can hardly breathe around that bike. It is a beautiful bike. It's my next toy... now to jsut get the money for her...