February 16, 2009

Mercedes Half Marathon Report

Yesterday I ran the Mercedes half marathon in Birmingham. I was a little nervous about being kinda sick for it. About 2 on race morning I woke and sneezed at least 2 dozen times over about 5 minutes. I was worried about not being able to breathe out of my nose, although after the race I realized I shouldn't have been since all I did was pant the entire run.

The weather was great at the start - high 40's maybe and dry. After I got to the racesite I realized I forgot my chip at home so found the help desk and they were able - after a scolding my mom would be proud of -give me a new bib number and chip. But the last minute chip fix took away my alotted time for a warm-up jog, so I started off pretty stiff.

I had already decided well before the start of the race that I was going to run within my limits and not try to be fast. And I think I was able to maintain that strategy throughout the run. I stayed comfortable, never chased when others passed, and stayed relaxed.

The first 7 miles came and went easily, but the last 6 were hurting me a little. This 13.1 miles was the longest by 5 miles I have run since the Air Force marathon in September. My thighs were a little stiff, and my knees were starting to get slightly achy from the pavement pounding by the end of the run.

I finished in 1:45, right at 8 minute pace. I was satisfied.

Thanks for joining me for My Daily Spin.

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