December 11, 2007


Sometimes no matter how hard you try to understand them, things just won't make sense.

It's funny the difference in machines and humans. A machine will perform a function based on a strict algorithm and set of capabilities programmed and (hopefully) never veer from its expected function and outcome. A human, on the other hand, will perform a function based on an infinite number of variables that can never - I believe - be completely and accurately predicted.

And sometimes those variable won't be tangible, and sometimes they just won't be understood.

Like now. I don't understand.

I know, this doesn't make sense. Yea, I'm being vague.

Sometimes just putting letters on paper makes concrete to me even the most vague assertions, and when what is thrown at you all seems to disappear when you grab it sometimes something firm is exactly what you need. What I need.

Then again, maybe this is what I need. Or not.

Who knows...


IronJenny said...

Welcome back! I missed you! Thanks for posting cute kid pics getting their tree, as you know cute kid pics are my absolute favorite. So many tri bloggers are posting pics of their bikes. What's that about??? ;-)

Matt said...

People are strange and unpredictable. Deal with it every day.

Lana said...

I know that feeling. Give yourself some time and space. Be nice to yourself. You'll figure out what you need.